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Education Committee

Education Committee:

Elizabeth Pender (Leeds), Chair

Jason Davies (UCL)

Susan Deacy (Roehampton)

Kate Gilliver (Cardiff)

Matthew Nicholls (Reading)

Jamie Wood (Lincoln)

Our purpose is to support higher education pedagogy, including curriculum delivery and development, in Classical Studies and related disciplines across the UK.

· We contribute to regular meetings of CUCD across the year: the three meetings of the Standing Committee, where Education Committee is represented by its Chair, and a plenary Council meeting in November, at which all UK Classics Departments and affiliated members are represented.

· The Education Committee hosts its own wordpress blog: Teaching Classics and Ancient History in HE, available at The blog is open to all members of CUCD, for posts to promote dialogue on specific issues of pedagogy, and for longer articles on individual themes relevant to teaching Classics, Ancient History and cognate disciplines in HE.

· We run an annual grant scheme to fund pedagogical projects and events, to respond to current challenges in Classics HE teaching and to reflect on and improve teaching practice in our subject community. Small grants support academics, postgraduate and other researchers in a range of pedagogical activities, for example, developing new approaches to teaching, producing new training materials, hosting smaller-scale events or contributing to larger educational initiatives in the various disciplines of Classics.

· We liaise with the editor of CUCD Bulletin to generate and publish articles on live pedagogical issues, including reports from the projects funded by our grant scheme.

Grants for HE Pedagogy events