Council of University Classical Departments | CUCD

Contacts and members

CUCD Contacts, Representatives, and Member Institutions

A CUCD Contact is the HoD, the Chair of Faculty (for Oxford and Cambridge), or an individual expressly nominated by a HoD for a particular academic year. CUCD will keep a list of names/addresses for Contacts. CUCD will send mailings to “Head of Department” or “Chair of Faculty” in the cases of Oxford and Cambridge. But if a HoD would like CUCD mailings to be sent to one of his/her staff for any given year, this can be arranged in response to either a letter or an email to the secretary. At the end of that year, if no further request is received for the arrangement to continue, CUCD will revert to the default position of sending information to the HoD/Chair. Whenever a mailing is sent to departmental contacts, a note of its subject will be sent to the mailing list, to help ensure that staff members in departments will be aware that their contact will be receiving it. (To subscribe to this list, send the message “SUBSCRIBE CLASSICISTS ‹your name&rsaquo” to No subject line is needed.)

A CUCD representative is a person chosen to represent a department at CUCD Annual Council in November. The choice of representative is entirely a matter for departments, often depending on practical considerations of who is actually able to attend. CUCD will not therefore keep a list of their names and addresses, and it will be for the contact to ensure that relevant documentation is passed on to the representative.

These procedures were proposed to Council by Standing Committee and agreed at the November 2000 Council meeting.

Current CUCD Member Institutions:

  1. Birkbeck, University of London
  2. Bristol University
  3. Cardiff University
  4. Durham University
  5. Institute of Classical Studies
  6. King’s College, London
  7. Newcastle University
  8. The Open University
  9. Royal Holloway, University of London
  10. Swansea University
  11. University College, London
  12. University of Birmingham
  13. University of Cambridge
  14. University of Edinburgh
  15. University of Exeter
  16. University of Glasgow
  17. University of Kent
  18. University of Leeds
  19. University of Leicester
  20. University of Lincoln
  21. University of Liverpool
  22. University of Manchester
  23. University of Nottingham
  24. University of Oxford
  25. University of Reading
  26. University of Roehampton
  27. University of St. Andrews
  28. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
  29. University of Warwick
  30. University of Winchester

Affiliate Members (Universities where classical subjects are taught, but within other degrees):

  1. University of Aberdeen
  2. Coventry University
  3. Lancaster University
  4. Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. Queen Mary, University of London
  6. University of East Anglia
  7. University of Sheffield
  8. University of Southampton
  9. The Warburg Institute