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Grants for HE Pedagogy events

CUCD Education Committee: Funding Information for Grants for Events

Deadline for current call for applications: March 12th 2020

Further calls will be issued in the early autumn and early spring of next academic year.

Our purpose is to support higher education pedagogy in the UK in Classical Studies and related disciplines. So applications must:

1. Include an applicant based at a UK HEI institution. The idea is to benefit, support and enrich higher education teaching in the UK.

2. Relate to teaching in higher education in the UK (though there can be crossover with school teaching).

3. Relate to teaching and learning in Classical Studies and related disciplines (the literature, ancient history, archaeology, philosophy, linguistics, visual culture, and reception of Greece and Rome, etc).

Money is available to support complete events, or parts of conferences, which have a pedagogical focus. Costs can include speakers’ travel expenses, catering, room hire, travel bursaries for PG or unsalaried students, or other similar expenditures. The £500 limit will mean that events will tend to be small, and bringing speakers from abroad is not normally viable. Where possible, it is hoped that the organising institution should also provide some funding, e.g. free rooms and administrative support. 

The idea is to enable events that might not otherwise have taken place. We wouldn’t normally support the large classics conferences (CA and CCC) for which there are other sources of funding.

CUCD is particularly keen to support:

• Minorities of all sorts to promote diversity in the subject.

• A geographical spread of events, including events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

• The establishment or expansion of the subject in new institutions.

Applications should indicate a likely date, an intended programme (speakers need not have confirmed) and an indicative plan of how the funding requested will be spent. Priority will be given to applications that have a clear and viable plan and timetable, and a clear and convincing rationale, have made efforts to save money and work efficiently with their resources, and are prepared to publicise their results. All events supported by CUCD should at least produce a report for the Bulletin.

The application form can be accessed here. Queries should be addressed to