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Bulletin 48 (2019)

Josephine Quinn, After San Diego: Reflections on Racism in Classics

Irene Salvo, LGBT+ Classics: Teaching, Research, Activism

Naoíse Mac Sweeney et al, Claiming the Classical: The Greco-Roman World in Contemporary Political Discourse

Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis, Equality and Diversity in Classics Teaching in St Andrews

Neville Morley, Open Access: Current Developments

Helen Lovatt, Taking over as Chair of CUCD

Matthew Mordue, Reaching Out via Pliny: Classical Civilisation lessons for London school students at the University of Roehampton

Victoria Leonard, Editing Ancient and Medieval Women Historians into Wikipedia

Peter Thonemann, Gender, Subject Preference, and Editorial Bias in Classical Studies, 2001–2019

Arthur Pomeroy, Matthew Trundle (1965 – 2019)

Emma Bridges, Public Engagement with Classics Research in the UK: A Survey

Elena Theodorakopoulos, Niall Livingstone (1966 – 2019)

2018-19 Statistics


Bulletin 47 (2018)

Chair’s Report 2018

Christine Plastow, Staff-Student Partnerships in Pedagogy and Research-Based Education: Lessons for Classics

Daniel Ogden, Research-led Teaching in Classics

Cressida Ryan, Teaching Ancient Greek for a Theology Faculty

Douglas Cairns and Keith Rutter, Obituary for Gordon Howie

James Robson and Mair E Lloyd, A Survey of Beginner’s Language Teaching in UK Classics Departments: Ancient Greek

Mair E Lloyd and James Robson, A Survey of Beginner’s Language Teaching in UK Classics Departments: Latin

Effrosyni Kostara, Diversity and the Study of the Ancient World: Event Report

Alan M Greaves, Putting the ‘T’, the ‘Q’ and the ‘I’ into LGBTQI Classics: An example of museum-based learning

Constantine Cristoforou and Kathryn Tempest, Classics after the Classroom

Dominic Rathbone, Jane Rowlandson (1953-2018)

2017-18 Statistics


Bulletin 46 (2017)

Chair’s Report 2017

Sharon Marshall, Creative Classics in Exeter

Anastasia Bakogianni, Too hot to handle? Medea in schools: two experimental workshops at Roehampton University (2016/17)

Anastasia Bakogianni, Too Hot to Handle? Medea for Schools: Part 2 (July 2017)

Evelien Bracke, Cymru Wales Classics Hub: Developing Classics in Wales

Helen Lovatt, CUCD Transition Survey 2015-16

D.M. Carter, How and why I became a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching the Classical Reception Revolution

1. Rosa Andújar and Barbara Goff, Introduction

2. Emma Cole, Classical Reception Pedagogy in Liberal Arts Education

3. Joanna Paul, LivyLatin Pedagogy, Revolutions and Receptions

4. Luke Richardson, Teaching the Classical Reception ‘Revolution’

5. Susan Deacy, Black Athena and the Classical Classroom

6. Carol Atack, Precarity and Protest: The politics of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata

Ellie Mackin, Kate Cook, Rebecca Fallas, Classics and Feminist Pedagogy: Practical tips for teaching

Ellie Mackin, Kate Cook, Rebecca Fallas, Practical Tips for Feminist Pedagogy in Classics

Katherine McDonald, Employment and Casualisation in Classics Departments in UK Universities

Susan Deacy and Esther Eidinow, Approaches to Teaching Students with Anxiety

2016-17 Statistics


Bulletin 45 (2016)

Chair’s Report 2016

Victoria Leonard and Liz Gloyn, Women’s Classical Committee Origin and Visions

Jason Crowley and April Pudsey, Making [Ancient] History at MMU

Ellie Mackin, Gaining HEA Fellowship through teaching recognition

Katerina Volioti, Teaching in London Museums

Victoria Leonard, Irene Salvo et al., Analysis of Findings – The WCC Survey

Tony Keen et al, Roehampton Classical Student Research: A Celebration

Lucy Jackson and Victoria Leonard, Launching the Women’s Classical Committee

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